Learn and research how to solve more problems before you go to bed

According to new research, the human brain can solve difficult problems right before bedtime. Have you ever had a good idea of what you’re going to do for the next few days before we go to bed? You should remember that when you wake up the next morning, and new research suggests there may be a reason for it.

According to a new study published in the journal Science Advances, humans have sweet, creative places’ just before going to sleep. New ideas emerge most frequently during the N1 sleep phase, or NREM sleep phase 1, when there is no rapid eye movement.

This stage is in a state of dementia called hypnagogia, which is essential for helping us come up with good ideas. ‘I’ve had a long history of seduction,’ she explained. ‘I’ve always had fantasy experiences,’ she says. Delphine Oudiette, a neuroscientist at the Paris Brain Institute and one of the study’s co-authors, told Scientific American about the findings.

‘I’m surprised scientists haven’t studied this period in the last two decades,’ they said. The researchers used Thomas Edison’s method of holding a ball in each hand in the study. The tester dropped the balls on the floor and woke up the N1 level as it fell asleep. According to the researchers, using this technique can help you remember bright new ideas.

Similarly, before going to bed, Paris Brain researchers asked participants to solve a series of math problems. They were then given 20 minutes to rest while lying down and holding an object.

Before releasing the object, participants were asked to tell their researchers what they were thinking. Researchers discovered that people who fall asleep while listening to N1 are three times more likely to have problems than those who are simply awake.

People who slept with N1 were also six times more likely to have problems, according to the researchers. Researchers have also speculated that some of the dreams that led to the discovery could have been pre-bedtime dreams rather than nightmares.