Xiaomi Will Demonstrate CyberOne , The Humanoid Robot

Robots that look very similar to humans will be widely seen in the future, and it is likely that they will become popular in the home. Atlas of Boston Dynamics; In addition to Agility Robotics’ Digit and Tesla’s upcoming Optimus robot, Xiaomi has now unveiled its new robot. These robots are on the way to being used in a variety of applications in the future, including difficult tasks that humans cannot perform. Xiaomi’s new robot is called CyberOne, and it is the second robot after the recently unveiled Cyberdog robot. The robot was shown in Beijing and was first introduced in the form of an enthusiastic visit from Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun. The robot is equipped with advanced legs and arms controlled by a bipedal-motion position balancing adjustment system, and is capable of a maximum torque of 300Nm. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 52 kilograms, the robot is the same height and weight as Tesla’s Optimus robot that was unveiled last year.

The second robot from Xiaomi after the previously debuted Cyberdog robot, the next robot is known as CyberOne. The robot was first demonstrated in Beijing and was welcomed with enthusiasm by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. A bipedal-motion position balance adjustment system controls the robot’s sophisticated legs and arms, which have a maximum torque of 300Nm. The robot is identical in height and weight to Tesla’s Optimus robot, which was introduced last year, standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 52 kilos.

CyberOne is about humans; it will be able to distinguish between reactions and gestures. Additionally, it claimed that over time, the system’s artificial intelligence AI could pick up on human emotions and stop making mistakes. The robot’s face has a dome-shaped OLED screen that can perceive the outside environment in three dimensions. Additionally, it has the ability to recognize 45 different types of human emotions and 85 different environmental sound types using its built-in microphone.

However, there are concerns regarding its likelihood of success, and it is not yet clear whether or not it will actually occur as predicted. The complete body control algorithm can respond in less than 0.5 milliseconds and provides 13 joints with 21 degrees of freedom (half a second). The upper limbs move fluidly thanks to a lightweight, high-performance 30Nm torque motor that weighs only 500 grams. The hip motor can move smoothly with such torque, and the humanoid bipedal control algorithm makes it feasible to walk naturally like a person.

According to him, the robot may be trained to do demonstrations and can lift up to 1.5 kg with just one arm. According to Xiaomi, these robots might be utilized as human companions as well as in the industrial industries of the future. However, it will be Friday before we can use it at home. Right now, this robot only serves as a moving exhibit. It is still only a prototype, capable of responding to a few phrases but unable to do useful tasks. Lei Jun estimates that CyberOne will sell for between US$89,100 and US$104,000 when it is released. When these CyberOne robots will be prepared and offered for purchase is still unknown.