German’s Volkswagen is considering buying Huawei’s autonomous drive system

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Volkswagen is best known for the Volkswagen Beetle. Volkswagen, a German automobile manufacturer, is currently planning to compete with Tesla’s electric vehicles. Notably, Volkswagen is considering purchasing an automation system owned by the Chinese conglomerate Huawei.

It is unknown what he will do after leaving the post at this time. Huawei’s autonomous drive performance has significantly improved in just a few years, and it has the potential to compete with Tesla in the near future.

As a result, Volkswagen may not want to miss out on Tesla while struggling to maintain the quality of its vehicles. Tesla claims that its automation system is entirely safe. Many people are concerned, however, that even if the software is not directly malicious.

Simultaneously, Volkswagen has prior experience with its automatic drive system, having launched a prototype in early 2017. However, for some reason, there has been no word on the prototype since then. Purchasing Huawei will not be cheap, and the payouts will be extremely high.

This is due to Huawei’s smart car division investing approximately $1 billion in research and development in 2021 alone. Approximately 5,000 people are employed in research and development, with approximately 2,000 of them involved in the development of automated systems.

The company has also shown off electric vehicles with automatic transmissions. Huawei intends to produce 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2025, according to the announcement. If Tesla completes its acquisition of Volkswagen’s Huawei, it will face a significant challenge.