Wi-Fi 7 technology coming soon, 2.4 times faster than current Wi-Fi 6

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The next generation of Wi-Fi technology will be available soon, and it will far outperform current Wi-Fi. According to DigitalTrends, MediaTek, a Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer, has unveiled its first Wi-Fi 7 technology. The company has announced that its Wi-Fi 7-enabled devices will be available next year, with a release date of 2024. According to the company, its Wi-Fi 7 filogic technology has already demonstrated to key customers and industry partners that it is extremely fast and has low latency transmission speeds.

Wi-Fi 7, which has the same number of antennas as Wi-Fi 6, was demonstrated by MediaTek to be 2.4 times faster than Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 7 can reach speeds of more than 30Gbps per second, up to nearly 40Gbps, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance. According to ArsTechnica, the previous generation Wi-Fi 6 was only 9.6Gbps, so this is a significant upgrade. According to Mario Morales, vice president of International Data Corporation’s (IDC) semiconductor group.

Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) and multi-link operation (MLO) are advanced channels that combine two AM signals. He believes it has the potential to attract related markets such as computers and consumer electronics. Wi-Fi was the first technology to replace ethernet cables, and the next generation was capable of cloud gaming and 8K video streaming at 2.4GHz; compatible with all 5GHz and 6GHz frequencies. Multi-link operation (MLO) technology, according to MediaTek, will integrate multiple channels at different frequencies to support 8K streaming and cloud gaming. Wi-Fi 7 could also be used to replace Ethernet cables, which are required for stable Internet connectivity, according to the company.

‘With the release of Wi-Fi 7, Wi-Fi technology will be able to replace the use of wired / Ethernet cables for truly high-speed applications for the first time,’ said Alan Hsu, MediaTek’s general manager and corporate vice president. “MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 7 technology can be used both at home and abroad,” he added.

It will serve as the backbone for office and factory networks, capable of running everything from multiplayer applications like Artificial Reality / Virtual Reality (possibly in the multiverse) to cloud gaming and beyond 4K streaming to 8K streaming. Although MediaTek has stated that Wi-Fi 7 will be available in 2023, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), which specializes in Wi-Fi technology, has stated that the next generation of Wi-Fi will not be recognized until 2024. Wi-Fi 7, also known as the IEEE 802.11be standard, is still in the organization’s design phase, so users will have to wait patiently for faster speeds.

However, we may soon see the next generation of Wi-Fi 7 wireless networks in conjunction with 5G mobile networks.