Many businesses are failing to effectively leverage mobile technologies

The importance of mobile technologies in today’s business environment has been greatly emphasized by Covid-19, and the majority of C-Suite executives (79 percent) are aware of this fact. However, nearly half (45%) of businesses are not fully utilizing this technology.

According to a new report from enterprise mobility solutions provider SOTI, which is based on a poll of 1,400 business leaders, 76 percent of the C-Suite believes their organization could be much more agile.

Furthermore, according to the report, 81% believe that mobile technology is responsible for up to half of their company’s day-to-day operations. Despite these findings, nearly a third (31 percent) did not see a positive ROI from their investment in mobile technology last year.

Security (31 percent) and integration with other systems are the two most significant roadblocks (20 percent). Furthermore, 56% said it was difficult to manage the ever-expanding portfolio of mobile devices.

The report concludes that overcoming these challenges can lead to increased agility, which could be critical in responding to future crises. If mobile technology is to be fully utilized, it must be properly integrated into core workflows and managed and secured through a single platform.

“Our research confirms that mobile technology has become critical to forging a new path in a volatile economy, while enterprises are struggling to make the most of their investments.” “Adopting new technology alone will not provide the greatest competitive advantage,” said Sarah Edge, Director of Sales, UK and Ireland at SOTI.

“Enterprises need the right mix of mobile technologies and the right integration strategy to maximize their returns.”

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