10 Best Luxury Sports Cars for 2022no

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With more than 80% of world car sales taking place in the past five years, many people are now concerned about owning a luxury sports car or SUV with the intention of getting to the top in performance and style. We can attest that this matter has become even more important when you think about new or used sports cars for your next vacation or relaxing holiday. Whether you’re considering an Audi Q5 or Porsche Taycan RS, we present you with our list of the best luxury sports cars for 2022.

Audi Ateca vs Microsoft Surface Pro7: The Battle of Class

Microsoft and Audi created their respective products around different markets. However, if you compare these two devices, there is no doubt that they are both great examples of how a good balance between design, user-friendliness, efficiency, etc., can influence customer loyalty and satisfaction. In our opinion, the most outstanding example of such a scenario happened in 2015 when the latest edition of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class was unveiled. It was based on the same basic principles but it had a completely different look, thanks to its unique combination of form, color, and materials. So what do you want? Both versions, the Ateca and MS Surface, were distinguished by numerous individual characteristics that stood out compared to the other models from either company. While the former model was characterized as a classic car that won a World Championship of Sport in 1970, the latter one is associated with all those modern conveniences that make driving fun. Also, one might argue that Audi and Microsoft might be considered competitors since they are also the creators of some very similar products. This means that the Microsoft Surface Pro8 and Lexus RC 500 will most likely be one of our favorites (and you don’t need us).

Audi R8 CS: Elegant & Powerful Drivetrain

Although it might seem like the only thing anyone wants is an exquisite drive, we would like to add that this alone cannot be enough and everyone will want something stronger and bigger. Moreover, not only this, but a powerful engine, excellent sound system, and high quality materials will ensure that this vehicle is certainly worth buying. That said, let’s have a closer look at the specifications. As for the power, we would like to note that the Audi R8 CS could be found in three variants. There are Gullwing, Roadgoing, and Coupe. All of them could deliver between 650 horsepower and 900 horsepower. Of course, this might vary depending on which variant you choose, but the final output is expected to exceed 800 hp.

Audi RS3 GT: Bigger Power

The name says so much: the highest version of the Audi RS3 is already delivered in its smallest size. In essence, the newest one offers up to 8.3 seconds of increased speed! And the second Audi RS3 comes with 9.7 seconds. Although this means that we’ll have to wait until early 2021 to see the third option. But the fact remains that the Audi RS3 GT is the biggest step forward, giving buyers access to four turbochargers of different sizes: V10 (0-60mph), V12 (0.3-100 mph), V8 (0.9-125 mph) and R8 (0-400 mph). Its 6.7-liter V12 V8 super-turbo inline six-cylinder can produce 707 kW at max power (1,700 hp at 7,000 rpm). Meanwhile, the R8 V4 can give up to 667 hp at 5,000 rpm, while the 3.0-liter V6 delivers 477 hp at 2,750 rpm. Speaking of the driving experience, these vehicles can perform admirably on the highway. The addition of several driving modes, adaptive cruise control, lane assist or reverse camera help drivers anticipate any unforeseen situation and improve their overall driving experience. An additional safety feature under discussion is called Comfort Park, where the driver can control both wheels and the steering wheel.

Audi R8 L: Active Driving Experience

Another impressive attribute is the “Active Driving Experience” program that gives customers various options to use during driving. First of all, the R8 uses the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), where you can choose the preferred behavior based on real time traffic conditions. If you are going to turn left into another lane or vice versa, Audi tells you to pull over without warning. On the contrary, ACC is also available for Tesla Model X and Volvo VNL (preferably with the assistance of radar). Another active mode allows the driver to follow pedestrians in the middle of the road. To be able to do this, you need to activate the pedestrian detection function (PD) that recognizes pedestrians in front of the car. When using this mode, the Audi R8 provides an audio signal of 40dB(A), where the radio frequency should be below 200 MHz. This way, you can detect up to 50 paces ahead.

P2 Series: Two Segmentation Models

The P2 series is the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. The first model, P2, comes with 12 seats in total, including a captain’s seat at the center position. Additionally, all the four rows have split airbags and an extra row for baby seats as well to assure family comfort. Furthermore, the doors are electrically operated and they can hold closed the windows of the cabin. These features make all P2 models pretty attractive and affordable.

Audi RSX Plus: Premium Performance

If you’re looking to purchase a large car with more power than the standard version and better capabilities than the entry level ones, the Audi RSX is your man of choice. In terms of size, the RSX plus measures around 13 x 11 ft and this means that this car can accommodate up to 21 passengers. The interior is also extremely luxurious and comfortable which will provide ample room for your luggage without feeling claustrophobic. Besides the exterior looks, it is equipped with the best technology with the ATSI Quattro, which includes autonomous parking for up to 30 minutes. This can avoid collisions between pedestrians and cyclists, and can control the emergency braking as soon as possible, allowing smooth drive while keeping everyone safe. For this reason, all Audi RSX Plus models come pre-installed with Safety Shield and Traction Braking System as standard equipment. They are also fitted with rear cross-traffic alert system, automatic downshifting mirrors, lane departure warning system with brake lights on and off. The RSX Plus also comes loaded with a wireless Internet connection, Wi-Fi capability, Apple CarPlay integration, USB charging port, Bluetooth, and a wireless key fob.

Audi RS4: More Space

One of the main reasons why Audi is still the reigning class leader in the segment comes from the RS4’s interior, although it has been updated for the current market, this premium SUV manages to maintain a sleek and refined appearance that will feel comfortable and modern. Not only does it have 8.0 cubic feet of cargo space, but with seven inches less body width than the R8, it is definitely a worthy competitor among sedans in this segment. It has plenty of storage capacity, but more importantly, one can easily reach the maximum of its trunk and enjoy the possibility of storing everything in this space. As for the driving experience, the RS4’s interior represents a mix between ultra-luxury and contemporary at the same time. From the electric leather seating to the virtual cockpit of the steering wheel, everything feels sophisticated and futuristic.

Audi RS Sport Line: Customization

If the RS5, RS6 or RS7 is too expensive, one might prefer the luxury customization that Audi brings to every RS sport car. You can get yourself a customized RS Sport Line featuring exclusive elements. Firstly, you will get a set of 16-inch silver aluminum wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, which will undoubtedly take you through any bumpy roads. Not only that, but you can also choose between various colors. Apart from that, you can modify the nose with a special gloss strip for the roof. Additionally, there are options for trim and you may decide to go with white paint, black, blue or red. As for safety and convenience, you can select this car with the aid of Audi Connected Services. To do this, you need to connect your smartphone, scan the QR code on the windshield, and after a few seconds, you will get the right information about the nearest repair centre, its location, and services. Then again, as soon as you hit a stop sign, you can check whether your vehicle will arrive safely in a short moment. For the final touch, you can download the app, iMobility and pay for fuel at selected stations in cities that Audi operates throughout the territory.

Audi Contrôle RS: Supercar-like Look

With a distinct appearance that makes your eyes pop and a specific aura that will appeal to every kind of people as its designer, this brand deserves its title of being “The king of luxury”. Nevertheless, the Volkswagen Transformer RS concept was developed to reflect the desire to create a modern supercar with an elegant yet unusual design in order to appeal to the masses. Similarly, a range of Audi cars was born, one of which is the famous Transformer RS, the number 22 of the R line family. Since then, Audi has provided a wide array of styling choices for its vehicles. As for the exterior of the vehicle, the Transformer RS came with 18-inches, 20-inches and 23-inches, and now Audi plans to widen it further, increasing it to 24 inches.