Hot Weather and Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

In the summer, drinking hot tea can help you relax. The hot summer will tempt you to drink something cold. However, a glass of hot water might be a better option here.

You may be tempted to drink cold drinks to help you relax, but hot lemonade and hot coffee actually work. Drinking warm liquids has an effect on body temperature, according to a 2012 study conducted by researchers at the University of Ottawa.

Drinking hot water, according to the findings, can help you relax even in dry conditions. According to Dr. Ollie Jay, one of Smithsonian Magazine’s many study authors,

‘By drinking a glass of warm water, you reduce the amount of heat stored in your body.’ Drinking warm water also helps to evaporate excess sweat.

Simply put, drinking a cup of hot water causes you to sweat more. The hot water replaces the added body temperature as sweat evaporates, actually cooling you down.

Sweat liquefies excess heat from water as it evaporates from the surface of your skin. It transforms from a liquid to a vapor. This cooling effect, however, is less effective in humid conditions.

Drinking warm water will not help you cool down. As Dr. Jay explains, whether you’re wearing a lot of clothes or not on very hot and humid days. Even if you are sweating profusely, sweat does not easily evaporate from your skin.

It is not appropriate to drink hot water in this situation. If you want to keep your body warm, drink hot water. If you want to keep your body cool, drink cold water.

Overall, the lesson is that drinking hot liquids will keep you cool in hot, dry conditions. If you live in a humid climate, stick to cold drinks.



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