Top 5 Attractions to See in Dubai

The UAE has been a major city in the Middle East since 1971 when Abuja was declared part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The country is also known as Bur Dubai in Arabic, meaning “City of Gold”.

Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world for its beautiful architecture and culture, great nightlife options, excellent hospitality and affordable shopping. There are an abundance of tourist attractions in Dubai that make it one-stop destination for many people looking to visit this stunning city.

Here Are Some Of The Five Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions To See In Dubai:

Dubai Marina District

Dubai Marina is one of the most popular spots in the U.S. state of California, California in America. It’s located on top of Dubai’s skyline overlooking the Jumeirah River. Along with the iconic building, there’s also a beach pavilion and several restaurants.

When you visit the Marina District, you will find the three buildings known as the World Trade Center Dubai, the historic Downtown Dubai and the magnificent Dubai Fountain. The buildings are designed to reflect Dubai’s futuristic and modern design. These structures have become symbols of both the new lifestyle of Dubai residents and the international recognition of the UAE.

Dubai Beach Park

Dubai Beach Park is a collection of recreational and leisure parks built around the Dubai International Airport. This park includes beaches in Dubai, including Al Shaqab’s Bagh Dada and Al Manarat’s Bayfront Waterfront. Visitors can enjoy various recreational activities in these locations such as surfing, kite flying, horseback riding and more as well as relaxation spots such as hot tubs and swimming pools. At night, visitors can also enjoy the light display by lighting up some lights in the water at dusk.

Dubai fountain

Dubai fountain is another popular attraction in the country. Located directly below Al Shaqab’s Bagh Dada, it is surrounded by lush greenery and natural views. You can enjoy free floating lanterns in the fountain and take selfies in front of the statue of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Marar.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is not only a place where foreign tourists get inspiration but learn about history of culture and history of the city itself. While you don’t have to come with your family members or come alone to see it, the museum provides educational videos that guide people through its galleries using audio clips of former leaders and their families; from former Prime Ministers to former Presidents. Not only does this exhibit help people understand more about Dubai, but they can also explore places that were once home to celebrities.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is an extremely large shopping district with hundreds of stores, restaurants and different types of entertainment. As an example, if you were to go into any store within the mall, you would notice the different sections of each space. Each floor has a distinct theme or a specific area for kids. For children, you can choose from two toy areas, one for girls and one for boys.

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is another location worth seeing in the whole region of Dubai. This park is especially famous for having a zoo named after Prince Charles. It is a huge complex of animals and a vast variety of birds. Also, it houses a couple of other facilities too such as the dolphinarium, a zipline and an equestrian center. As a result, this is one interesting attraction that makes Dubai be considered the most exciting city to visit on vacation.

Dubai Cinema

Dubai Cinema is very popular in the film industry. This cinema offers numerous stages to tell various stories; like comedy, romance, crime and more. If you’re into movies, then Dubai Cinema should be your priority. There’s also several art galleries, which provide art and history as a part of their exhibitions.

Dubai Jazz Festival

Dubai Jazz Festival happens every year right after the Christmas holiday in December, and it’s now referred to as the best musical concert in the entire world. Every year, millions of fans and musicians from over 50 countries attend this festival. During this time, there’s usually a diverse range of talent, from hip hop artists to electronic music artistes and classical pianists. What really impresses me the most is the diversity of jazz genres being showcased, which makes it easy to understand what kind of songs can be played here. It’s one fascinating experience to take.

Dubai is definitely one of the biggest tourist destinations in the middle east. Its architectural designs and culture make it quite breathtaking. With a fantastic environment, spectacular landscapes and amazing tourism, it is perfect for everyone! If you ever want to visit Dubai, the city has everything for you; from entertainment to historical sites, you definitely deserve to do it! Let us know in the comments whether you liked our list!