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He was walking lazily one morning. Walking in the early hours of the morning does not imply that you are doing so because you have read in health education leaflets that it is beneficial to your health. I went to the tea shop for breakfast early in the morning because I couldn’t sleep the night before.

For many years, he had a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning. Mornings were strange to him because he preferred the stillness and silence of the night.

He spends the night writing, Reading I often fall asleep in the morning because I spend too much time watching movies and watching football matches. As a result, he was not allowed to face the mornings.

Bicycles and motorbikes pass by in the neighborhood, so he has to keep an eye on it. His house and tea shop are a short distance away. His house is in the middle of the neighborhood, so it is a short walk to the cafeteria at the top of the block.

At the top of their ward is a neighborhood market with meat and vegetables. fish, It is a bit crowded as it contains vegetable and grocery stores. Due to the neighborhood market, bicycles and rickshaws are common in their area.

Most homes in the neighborhood have bicycles, so most people go by bicycle to the market at the top of the block to buy something. In addition, the market is not crowded in the morning as other neighborhoods come to buy.

He spends his evenings writing and reading. Because I spend too much time watching movies and football matches, I frequently fall asleep in the morning. As a result, he was barred from facing the mornings.

Bicycles and motorcycles pass through the neighborhood, so he must keep an eye out for them. His house and tea shop are not far away. His house is in the middle of the neighborhood, so getting to the cafeteria at the top of the block is a short walk.

He didn’t want to go through the market because the tea shop was across the street, but he walked slowly. He never went to the market unless it was strictly for the sake of smell. A foul odor wafted into his nostrils as he walked through fifth grade. He also noticed an increase in the market’s number of vendors. Although the price is a little high, there are more sellers than buyers.

He could hear shopkeepers shouting at customers as he walked through the market. The shopkeepers yelled, but the majority of the customers waved and walked away. Most shopkeepers’ expressions are dissatisfied. The merchants’ moans echoed throughout the market.

He was briskly walking from the market to the front of the tea shop. The cafeteria was bustling with customers in the morning. He did not enter the tea shop because of the large number of customers, but instead went out to the lake. There is a large pool beyond the neighborhood market. A slew of lotus flowers are in full bloom in the pool. She has no idea when the pond was created. The lake has been around for a long time, according to local elders. The lake is quite large and surrounded by shady trees. It is a popular destination for pedestrians.

Lotus flowers bloom on the pond’s surface. It is always brimming with dikes. The lake is full to the brim on rainy days, and it does not dry up in the summer due to the accumulation of rainwater. According to the elders, their community used to rely on the lake due to a lack of water. Due to the availability of Cho Phyu and Awisi water in the area, the community eventually stopped using the lake water. As a result, the lake serves as a place for the community to unwind and relax. It has become a popular walking destination. On the pond, there are still some pedestrians and fishermen. The lake was full of water because it had rained the night before.

He stood in the middle of a clearing, stretched his arms, and took a deep breath. I haven’t been able to breathe air mentally in a long time because I always had to wear a mask when I went out during an epidemic. With nowhere else to go during the crisis, Kang Pao has become a popular spot for people to walk around and relax. Now I have to remove my nose and breathe, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do so for long. Because there were pedestrians on the pool in the morning, I did some breathing exercises and went to the cafĂ©.

Last night it rained, but the sky is now clear. The sun shines brightly in the morning. It had rained the night before, and the road was wet and smooth in the morning sun. He walked lightly home in the warm morning sun, but some heavy thoughts clung to him.

He only heard word of mouth on the street after leaving his house. Of course, yes. Many people are struggling to make ends meet during the political upheaval and disaster. Many people are currently experiencing declining incomes as a result of poor employment. Not only are their wages low, but some are losing their jobs as well.